Application for exhibition

Rules and Regulations of the Exhibition

■Eligibility of an Exhibitor
Business holders involved in fishing tackle and fishing related products. Those who are recognized as improper by the organizer will be denied participation.

■Scope of the Exhibits
①Fishing tackle , and fishing related leisure goods, fishing information, tourism, service, education, and so on.
②If the organizer determines that on exhibit is not appropriate for the show, it may ask the exhibitors to withdraw part or all of their exhibit.
③ The following materials are prohibited from exhibition:
a. Materials that may pollute water and/or harm the natural environment
b. Products that encourage overfishing
c. Materials that may be flammable and/or explode. Materials that may cause extreme odors and/or noise
d. Water tanks or containers with a total quantity of 1,000 liters or more
e. Materials/Goods that infringe on someone’s intellectual property rights

■Prohibition of spot sales
The organizer prohibits exhibitors from selling products at their exhibition booths, including mail-order and teleshopping.
However, sales and catalogue sales at the corners of the [Fishing tackle Spot Sales] and [Book and Video Sales] areas, as well as those allowed by the organizer, are not included in this category.

the organizer may request an increase or decrease in the number of booths.
Due to various situation,Events within the booth may be restricted.

■About application for exhibition, booth fee, cancellation
1) The deadline for submitting the application form is Saturday, August 31th, 2024.
2) Exhibits cannot be canceled after the application deadline. Even if it is unavoidably canceled, the booth fee will be paid in full. In addition, the paid booth fee is non-refundable.
3) If there is no payment after the booth fee payment deadline, we will refuse the exhibition.
4) If the event has to be canceled due to disasters such as natural disasters or man-made disasters, political instability, security problems, infectious diseases,or other reasons that cannot be attributed to the organizer.
The booth fee will be refunded to the exhibitor after deducting the expenses that the organizer must pay for operation.
5) The organizer shall not follow any damages to exhibitors and related parties caused by cancellation due to reasons (4).
→ Download the application form

■About booth fee
After applying for the exhibition, we will send you the advance payment invoice (half the booth fee (tax included) of the application booth).
The invoice also confirms the contents of the exhibition.
The deadline for the advance payment is Saturday, August 31st, 2024.
The balance payment will be invoiced together with the notification materials after "the exhibitor briefing session / the booth allocation lottery ".
Exhibitors can also pay the exhibition fee in one lump sum. Please contact the organizer's office.
Please make payment by Saturday, November 30th, 2024.
Please ensure that payment increases all bank charges.
Bank account:
Shinanobashi Branch

Account name:
OSAKA Fishing Tackle Association
Account No.0159614
(bank charges are to be covered by the exhibitors.)

■Cancellation of participation
Business holders involved in fishing tackle and fishing related products. Those who are recognized as improper by the organizer will be denied participation.

■Subleasing, trading, transferring, or exchanging of exhibition booth.
Exhibitors cannot sublet, trade, transfer or exchange part of or all their booth space without the consent of the organizer.

When an exhibitor or any of their delegates cause any damage to others, the exhibitor will take the entire responsibility for bearing compensation.

■Carrying in and out of exhibiting materials.
WDuring the show period, exhibitors cannot carry in and out, remove and move their exhibiting materials without the organizer's permission.
It is the exhibitors' responsibility to manage and clean their exhibits and booths.
The period for putting the exhibits in and out of the venue, installing the exhibits, and decorating the booth is described in the "Exhibition Guidelines".
Removal work can start at 17:00 on February 2nd.not before.
Details will be explained in the booth allocation lottery.

■Operation and indemnification
・To ensure smooth operation of the show, the organizer is allowed to add or change matters which are not listed in the Exhibition Guidance.

・Exhibitors must set up and operate their booths following the contents of “Rules and Regulation of the Exhibition”, and the Exhibition Guidance. If an exhibitor breaches these rules, the organizer may ask the exhibitor to withdraw their exhibit. In such a case, the organizer may rescind the exhibiting space and the booth fee will not be refunded.
・The organizer will manage the exhibition site during the show from preparation to dismantling under a contract with a security company. However, the organizer takes no responsibility for damage, loss and/or theft of exhibits. These must be the responsibility of each exhibitor.

■Types of booth space
① 1 booth size: width 3m x depth 3m = 9㎡(approximate size)
②There are 24types of booths below.
Exhibitors cannot apply for more than one booth in the entire aisle.
*If the number of exhibitors is 20 or more, it will be considered as "island partition space".
*Please note that the 2x2 type 4 booth space "Type (b)" may not be available.
*If you plan to exhibit more than 50 booths, please contact the organizer.
*In the case of a 50 booth space exhibition, you can use the space across the aisle.
Please consult with the organizer.
*Please check and consult with the organizer about the layout of 80 booths.

■What is included in the booth fee
Standard booth space rates include partition panels, a nameplate, and one LED fluorescent light in the booth.
Exhibitors will be responsible for decoration costs such as equipment,
carpet,illumination(electricity in the booth),
and piping work other than the above.
Exhibitors will also be responsible for electricity, water, and telephone charges.

Type of Booth Space

■Booth fee (tax included)

Booths m2 Booth fee (yen,tax included)
1 9 ¥224,400
2 18 ¥443,300
3 27 ¥660,000
4 36 ¥870,100
5 45 ¥1,076,900
6 54 ¥1,279,300
8 72 ¥1,669,800
10 90 ¥1,981,100
12 108 ¥2,325,400
15 135 ¥2,809,400
20 180 ¥3,527,700
25 225 ¥4,181,100
30 270 ¥4,834,500
35 315 ¥5,500,000
40 360 ¥6,141,300
45 405 ¥6,771,600
50 450 ¥7,425,000
60 540 ¥8,910,000
80 720 ¥11,161,700