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- Greeting -
Fishing Show Osaka will hold its 54th annual event next year thanks to your great support. The entire association wishes to express its appreciation to all of the exhibitors and those who have helped us hold this event for such a long time.
A record 53,489 visitors attended the 53rd annual "Fishing Show Osaka 2016". Attracting younger generations has been one of our objectives and we've been steadily meeting this challenge, playing a major role in the increase of 8,427 visitors from the previous year.
I deeply thank you for all of your cooperation.
"Fishing Show Osaka" has been actively trying to "expand the bottom-line fishing population" who can be future fishing tackle users.
As a result, we will yet further expand this objective and are determined to extend exhibit space of “Intex OSAKA”, adding the space in Hall 3 in addition to the regular exhibition zones A and B in Hall 6, and the event exclusive hall will move to Hall 4, which is wider than the previous site. By increasing the exhibition space by approximately 5,000m², we can provide visitors with wider aisles so they can see the products easier. Also, by adding approximately 1,600m² of space in the event hall, I believe that visitors - including women and children - will be able to better enjoy the attractions. We are expecting a further increase of visitors by promoting these points.
Taking into considering the poorer fishing environment, this association is continuing to cooperate with a public-service corporation, the Japan Sportfishing Foundation, which promotes the "protection and breeding of fish resources," the "maintenance and preservation of waterfront environments" and the "improvement of fishermen's morals and popularity of fishing culture".
Additionally, we have an agreement with the Fishing Environment Vision, a collaborative project with the Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association and the Japan Sportfishing Foundation, and are actively working on activities to continue supporting and developing future fishing scenes.
We sincerely ask for your understanding as to our intention and cordially invite you to participate the 54th Fishing Show Osaka 2017.
"Osaka Fishing Tackle Cooperative Association
Toshiya Hashimoto, President